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ConflictResolutionClass presents to your attention completely online conflict resolution classes with duration from 4 up to 52 hours/weeks. Our programs start from $24.99, come with the lowest price guarantee and have no hidden fees.

The conflict resolution training provided by ConflictResolutionClass is developed and written by an experienced specialist to meet the court, judge, probation and parole officer, legal representatives, school and employer standards within the United States.
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  • Completely online
  • Self-paced, self-study
  • Access from any device
  • Developed by experts
  • No presence required
  • Free certificate of completion
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  • Prices from $24.99
  • Accepted in all states
  • Classes from 4 up-to 52 hours

Lowest Price Guaranteed

  • No hidden costs
  • Courses starting from $24.99

If you find another provider with a cheaper online conflict resolution class with the same hourly/weekly specifications, you will pay only 50% of the competitor's price.

Free Letter of Enrollment, Free Certificate of Completion, and no additional costs for workbooks or any other material.

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ConflictResolutionClass will refund your money if the court/employer doesn't accept your letter of enrollment or certificate of completion.

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Nationally Recognized

  • Accepted by courts and employers
  • Accepted in all states

OOur conflict resolution certification training is developed to meet the requirements of courts, law enforcement and legal representatives. Your Certificate of Completion will be accepted by any entity which allows distance learning.

Check whether your certificate of completion will be accepted by you state/county.

Check whether this conflict resolution class will be accepted in your state

ConflictResolutionClass invites you to take part in completely online, self-paced and self-study conflict resolution classes with continuity from 4 up to 52 hours/weeks. Our programs start from $24.99 and have no hidden fees. Furthermore, being developed by an experienced instructor, our courses strive to meet the standards of courts, judges, probation or parole officers, legal representatives, schools, employers, daily members or other entities within the United States. However, although the training provided by ConflictResolutionClass is accepted by any organization and state which allows distance learning, we advise our clients to check If their certificate of completion will be accepted by their state and county before starting.

See What Our Clients Say About Us

The content of this program is really high quality. The information contained in the lectures examines conflicts in their entirety. I realized what I needed to make a change in myself only after I completed the 52-hour conflict management course.

~ N. M.
I am impressed with the way the information is presented. The language is not strictly academic and difficult to read and understand, on the contrary. Probably the biggest advantage of this conflict resolution course is that you can log in and out of your account at any time, having your progress saved.

~ I. W.
I was asked to complete a conflict resolution training by the court. Frankly, I was worried whether my certificate would be recognized, but the judge accepted it immediately. I had no difficulty either during the lessons or with receiving the documents. Thanks.

~ R. T.
It is easy to get a certificate in conflict resolution from this site. Being completely online, the course is suitable for people with inflexible working hours, ones with children or people with health issues. I recommend conflict resolution training to anyone with an interest in conflictology.

~ B. C.

Conflict as a Phenomenon and its Consequences

What is a Conflict?

Conflict is a confrontation that arose between the participants in the process of communication in the name of differences in voice, voice, interest, beliefs, value, treatment. Conflict is considered the sharp edge of the beginning to resolve the confrontation. They are in opposition to the page and are often friendly from negative emotions, actions that go beyond generally accepted norms. Confrontation is inevitable in the abdomen. But you need to teach them conflict resolution techniques to have a severe destructive effect and reduce the risk of negative consequences to a minimum.

Conflicts Bring Consequences

Negative Consequences

When the conflict is not well managed, it turns into a destructive conflict, the results of which can be:

Positive Consequences

On the other hand, when conflict is well managed, it can become constructive and its results can be positive for both parties. Such positive consequences can be:

Enroll in Conflict Resolution Training

As we believe it is of great importance to learn how to cope with conflicts and to prevent their future occurrences, we have developed this absolutely self-paced and self-study online class for conflict management.

You may be required to participate in a conflict resolution class by a court, judge, probation or parole officer, employer, family member, legal representative or another organization within the United States. In order to meet their standards, we present to your attention courses with different continuity. Our conflict management programs start from 4 up to 52 hours and at the same time are offered with a weekly durability from 4 up to 52 weeks. This way, for instance, the 4-hour conflict mediation training provides brief, basic information about the conflicts and their nature, while, on the other hand, the 52-hour conflict resolution certification aims to acquaint you in detail with the issues of conflict, types of conflicts, the main participants, possible scenarios and solutions, as well as to provide you with a number of techniques and strategies to avoid future occurrences.

In addition, our programs are absolutely affordable, starting from $24.99 and what is even better, they have no hidden fees. The course price includes the materials, the lessons as well as the letter of enrollment and certificate of completion. Or said with other words, what our competitors typically charge you for, with us, is included in the training price.

Is This the Conflict Resolution Class I am Required to Take?

Different organizations and institutions in the country, as well as different states, use a variety of names for the conflict resolution program. As this diversity often confuses our clients, we always advise them to enroll in the course recommended by the court or their employer, following their specific prescriptions.

Given the fact that this online class for conflict resolution can be found under a number of names, we have created this list. In the following lines you will find the other names of the conflict resolution course. However, if the program you are required to take is mentioned below, feel free to enroll today.

So, the conflict resolution class can also be recognized under some of the following names:

However, If the class you are mandated to take part in is not among the listed above, please feel free to contact us for further information. © · 2022