Conflict Resolution Classes Pricing

You may be asked to take part in a conflict resolution class by a court, judge, parole or probation officer, legal representative, employer, school or another entity or organization. Most often, the institution that requires you to enroll in a conflict resolution training indicates its specific requirements regarding the duration of the course. This duration can be measured in hours or weeks. Precisely in order to cover even the highest requirements, we, the ConflictResolutionClass, have developed programs with different durations - from 4 to 52 hours, as well as weekly courses with a range of 4 to 52 weeks.

However, we recommend our clients to respect the requirements of the institution and to enroll in a course that complies with the regulations. It often happens that participants enroll in a shorter conflict resolution course and their certificate is subsequently rejected due to non-compliance with the previously pointed standards. Ensure your success and enroll in a conflict management training today.

What is more, ConflictResolutionClass’s prices start at $24.99 and all of them come with the lowest price guarantee. See all course durations and their prices in the table below.

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